Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.



New Years Eve 2023

P. Therren Shelton-Szmidt
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31 Dec-23 | New Years Eve 2023

1. We always consider the end of a thing before we embark on it, but few consider the end/purpose of life before they choose what they’ll live for.
2. We only learn the true meaning and purpose of life when we elevate our faith and focus beyond the here and now. Ps.39.4-7
3. Every moment everyone is either pacing towards heaven or hell, consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. Ps. 90.12
4. David’s charge. A man’s last words are his most important. 1 Kings 2.1-4
5. All that matters is our relationship with God, which will determine how we live, and where we’ll go for all eternity. Deut. 32.45-47



Humility of God During Chrsitmas

P. Ferdie Umali
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24 Dec-23 | Humility of God During Christmas
Bible Text: Luke 2:8-20
Sermon Summary:
Themes and virtues that we often hear about and during Christmas include hope, peace, joy, love, gifts, giving, kindness, forgiveness, and many more. But humility seems to be at a distance, more so when it pertains to the humility of God expressed during the advent season – the good news about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.
Interestingly, this good news was first heard not by the religious leaders but by the shepherds who were tending their sheep at night (Luke 2:8). An angel of the Lord told them not to be afraid because a Savior is born that will bring great joy to all the people (Luke 2:10-11) and peace on earth (Luke 2:14). Thus, the humble and hardworking shepherds became one of the main characters of the First Christmas. And in today’s message, we will learn why they were that privileged.  
I. The SHEPHERDS were the FIRST to RECEIVE the GOOD NEWS of JESUS’ BIRTH (vv.8-14).
II. The SHEPHERDS were the FIRST to PROCLAIM the GOOD NEWS about CHRISTMAS (v.15-17).
III. The SHEPHERDS were the FIRST to EXPERIENCE REVIVAL in their TIME (vv. 18-20).



Christ – the Gift of God During Christmas

P. Elbern Latorilla
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17 Dec-23 | Christ – the Gift of God During Christmas

Introduction: One of the wonderful traditions that we follow at Christmas time is giving and receiving of gifts. The practice was started by God Himself when He gave us the best gift ever given to man – His one and only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

But what kind of a gift was Jesus?

I. He was an UNUSUAL Gift – Luke 2:1-7
* The birth of Christ was different from any other human birth.

A. Prophetically – Matthew 1:22,23; Matthew 2:4,5
B. Historically – Luke 2:1-3
C. Physically – Luke 2:5-7 He was born to a virgin in humble circumstances.
D. Spiritually – Luke 2:11; II Corinthians 9:15 – Christ as a Gift is indescribable
1. Priceless
2. Perfect
3. Permanent

II. He was an UNWELCOMED Gift – Luke 2:7; John 1:11

*Even today, at Christmas time and at any time, Jesus Christ is still not welcomed by many people He came to love and to save from their sins.

Conclusion: Jesus Christ is the Gift that God offers to you at this very Christmas season. Will you welcome Him into your life today?



Miracle of God During Christmas

P. Ferdie Umali 
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10 Dec-23 | Miracle of God During Christmas

Sermon Text: Luke 1:26-38
Scripture Reading: Luke 1:26-38

Sermon Summary:

Today, we continue our new Christmas series this December, “Experiencing God during Christmas” (Studies in Luke 1-2). Though the Christmas season is not new, we can experience God in a new way this Christmas by focusing on 4 things: the blessedness, miracle, humility, & gift of God this season. We now focus on the miracle of God: “For nothing is impossible with God” (Lk. 1:37). Through the Christmas story segment in Luke 1:26-38, what do we need to know about the miracle of God during Christmas?


The context of God’s miracle is the announcement of Jesus’ birth, when God supernaturally intervened by sending angel Gabriel (1:26) with a message of God’s favour & presence, leading Mary to be troubled & fearful (1:29-30), & prompting the angel to allay her fear with God’s favour (1:30). What can fully take away her fear is knowing the content of the miracle, Jesus (1:30): “He will be great & will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord will give him the throne of his father David, & he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end” (1:32-33). Let’s enjoy more the miracle of God in Christ during Christmas.


When Mary asked how the miracle of God would occur (1:34), the angel replied by saying that the means is through the Holy Spirit’s coming upon Mary & through God’s power to “overshadow” (or show God’s powerful presence to) Mary (1:35). The validity of this means is verified when the angel informed that the “barren” Elizabeth is pregnant (1:36), & stated that “nothing is impossible with God” (1:37). Let’s remember God’s miraculous work during Christmas.



Blessedness From God During Christmas

P. Ferdie Umali 
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03 Dec-23 | Blessedness From God During Christmas

Sermon Text: Luke 1:39-56
Scripture Reading: Luke 1:39-45

Sermon Summary:

As we welcome the month of December, we will be starting a series of messages entitled “Experiencing God during Christmas” based on Luke 1-2. The story of the First Christmas surely is reflected in every corner of the streets but its significance to the world is often neglected and ignored. Love, joy, peace, hope, giving, and celebrations are some of the themes that are often reflected by the decorations and activities in the homes, schools, and workplaces. These are blessings but what does true blessedness entail? In tomorrow’s message, we will grasp how Elizabeth and Mary were blessed and how this blessedness has been extended to us.

1) Why was Elizabeth blessed? (vv.39-41,43-44)

2) Why was Mary blessed? (vv. 39-40,42,45,48-49)

3) Why are We blessed? (v.50)




But You must Remember, Beloved

P.Therren Shelton-Szmidt


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26 Nov-23 | But You must Remember, Beloved

Bible Passage: Jude 17 23

Intro: The Holy Bible forewarns us of the many dangers that will come to pass in the last days to prepare us.
1. Hiding God’s word in our heart is the best preservative to sin and error.
2. We must grow daily in our faith if we would not backslide from our Lord.
3. Prayer is the chief exercise of faith.
4. We must advance God’s kingdom in diverse ways, but advance it with what talents and time we have we must.



Praising The God Who Protects Us

P. Ferdie Umali


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19 Nov-23 | Praising The God Who Protects Us

Bible Passage: Jude 24-25

Sermon Summary:

The concluding verses of the epistle of Jude is one of the most beautiful benedictions in the New Testament (cf. Rom 11:33-36; 16:25-27; 2Cor 13:14; Heb 13:20-21). Our Christian life may be threatened with “falling” and “fault” because of false teachers that are creeping in the churches with their doctrines and deeds. But we have a “God who is able.” He is our Keeper (v.24a), Presenter (v.24b) and Savior (v.25)!
How should we then respond?

1. ACKNOWLEDGE Christ for who He is as the Bible declares.

2. BELIEVE that He has the authority to change lives.

3. CONSECRATE ourselves until the coming of the Lord.



Contending for our Faith

P. Narry Santos


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12 Nov-23 | Contending for our Faith

Sermon Summary:

Today, we continue our new 4-part series on “Keeping the Faith in the Face of Dangerous Days” (Studies in the NT Letter of Jude). We live in dangerous days around where we live (through growing carjacking, theft, and violence) and even across nations we know (through wars in Ukraine and Israel). In these times, it’s important to know how to keep our faith. To do this, we begin our series with the contrast of godly & godless lives that help us discern to contend for our faith. According to Jude 1-4, how do we contend for our faith?
Jude (“servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James,” v. 1a) personally knew what it was to first live an ungodly life (see John 7:5) & then later on to live a godly one (see Acts 1:14). His letter’s introduction tells us 2 things that enable us to live godly lives: (1) the triad of being “called, loved, & kept” (v. 1b)—being called is the past blessing of God’s sovereign grace to bring us to Himself; being loved is the present blessing of God’s daily concern for us; being kept is a future blessing of God’s spiritual preservation for us; & (2) “triad of “mercy, peace, & love” (v. 2)—mercy in difficult days; peace when evil abounds; love in periods of peril. These 2 triads equip us to live in increasing & multiplying godliness.
Jude clearly presented his purpose for writing (v.3a): since our faith is in danger (like having wolves that threaten the flock), we need to contend (“agonize earnestly”; used for wrestling matches) for the faith (whole body of gospel truths), which was “once for all entrusted to God’s holy people” (v. 3b)—the handed-down non-negotiable essentials of the gospel through the apostles. The danger came through false teachers who had “secretly slipped in” (v. 4a) unnoticed (as through a side door). These dangerous people were described through a triad (v. 4b): (1) “ungodly people” (unlike God & disregarding God); (2) who “pervert the grace of God into a license for immorality” (changing the good [God’s grace] into something bad [as license for licentious & lewd living]); & (3) who “deny Jesus Christ our Sovereign & Lord” (repudiating or disowning Christ through their heretical doctrines & immoral lives). These dangerous people (with their beliefs & behavior) need to be avoided (so we don’t follow according to their words & ways).



Warning against Dangerous

P. Ferdie Umali


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05 Nov-23 | It’s Time To Be Blessed

Bible Passage: Jude 5-16

Sermon Summary:

Today we will be starting a new series based on the Book of Jude – Keeping the Faith in the Face of Dangerous Days. The events that are happening around us and in the whole world suggest that there is a real danger that we need to face. It would be an understatement if we say that we are not affected in any way by negative circumstances and people that are challenging us in all fronts. We believe that as Christians, we are in spiritual battles. But to win the war, we need to know our real enemy and the strategies that he uses to ward us away from God and His will.

The verses that we are going to study will reveal the character of our true enemy and will show us the result of their wayward schemes. And to be prepared in this spiritual battle we are encouraged to:





It’s Time to See a Bright Future

Therren Shelton-Szmidt


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29 Oct-23 | It’s Time to See a Bright Future

1. All shall be shaken but the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Heb.12.25-29)

2. The kingdom of heaven advances on earth by the preaching of the gospel, which shakes spiritual dominions, and translates souls from the kingdom of darkness to light. (Acts 17.6)

3. Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate Servant, Signet and Chosen.

4. We are chosen in Christ Jesus to be His people from before the foundation of the world. (Eph.1.4)

5. Jesus Christ is the Signet on God’s right hand, the Right arm of the Lord, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.

6. All things here are uncertain; only what’s to come hereafter is certain (death, judgment, and heaven or hell). Build your life upon and put your trust in the only Rock that cannot be shaken: the Rock of ages. (Matt.7.24-7)



It’s Time To Be Blessed

P. Ferdie Umali


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22 Oct-23 | It’s Time To Be Blessed
Bible Text: Haggai 2:10-19
Sermon Summary:
There are four recorded messages that the post-captivity prophet Haggai gave to the people of Israel. Tomorrow, we will study his 3rd message to the Jewish nation that emphasizes the need for “holiness.” He restated that as  long as the Temple is in ruin, there is no consecration; when there is no consecration, there is no blessing. So, we will investigate the cause of not receiving the promise of God’s blessings and lay out the prerequisites to having such:
1. LOOK BACK and RECALL (vv.11-14): “Whatever they do… and offer… is defiled.” (v.14b).
2. LOOK WITHIN and REPENT (vv.15-17): “Consider” or “Give careful thought”
3. LOOK FORWARD and RENEW (vv.18-19): “From this day on I will. bless you” (v.19b)



It’s Time to Take Courage

P. Ferdie Umali


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15 Oct-23 | It’s Time to Take Courage

Bible Text: Haggai 2:1-9

Sermon Summary:

Today we will continue our series on “Rebuilding Together in Broken Times: Studies from the Book of Haggai.” In chapter 1 of the book, we saw the importance of building the temple of God, which the Israelites didn’t recognize at first. (The First Temple was constructed during the reign of King Solomon and was completed in 957BC. It was destroyed in 586BC by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon when he conquered Jerusalem.) When they began to build the foundation, the work stalled for 16 years. Their priorities were checked by God through the prophet Haggai, and they were exhorted to put valued time and efforts to build God’s temple. In chapter 2, Haggai delivered 3 more brief messages to encourage the workers to complete their assignments. In the first message in this chapter (vv. 1-9), we will rediscover the impact of God’s promises to the temple builders – promises that we could cling on to in our daily life as well, especially when we feel discouraged:

1. COMFORT of GOD’S PRESENCE: “I am with you” (v.4b). “My Spirit remains among you” (v.5b).

2. CONTINUITY of GOD’S PROVISION: “I will shake” (vv.6-7a). “I will fill this house with glory” (v.7b).

3. CONFIRMATION of GOD’S POWER: “The glory of this present house will be greater… and in this



It’s Time to give Thanks No Matter What

P.Narry Santos
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08 Oct-23 | It's Time to give Thanks No Matter What
(Psalm 100:1-5)
On this Thanksgiving weekend, we take a break from our sermon series & focus on this singular thought: “It’s Time to Give Thanks No Matter What,” based on Psalm 100. Given our challenging & changing conditions, we need to be reminded again & again: “There is always so much more to thank God for.” According to Psalm 100, what can keep us always thankful?
The 1st 3-fold call to praise is for all creation (“all the earth,” 100:1b). The 2-fold emphasis of worship is: (1) focused on God; & (2) filled with joy (“shout for joy to the Lord” [100:1a]—response to victory [Psa. 10:8b] & celebration of God’s rule; “worship the Lord with gladness” [100:2a]—response of intentionality; “come before him with joyful songs”—response from the heart [100:2b]). The reason for this 3-fold call comes from the knowledge & appreciation of our covenant relationship with the Lord (Yahweh [the proper name of the one true God, the “existing One”], to whom we give renewed allegiance & because of whom we renounce other gods): “know that the Lord is God” (100:3a). Our being has meaning because we belong to God who made us family: “we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture” (100:3b). Let’s praise God with great joy!
The 2nd 4-fold call to praise is for all His children (cf. v. 3). The 2-fold emphasis of worship is: (2) focused on corporate praise of God; & (2) filled with thanksgiving (“enter his gates with thanksgiving & his courts with praise; give thanks to him & praise his name” [100:4]). The reason for this 4-fold call comes from the 3-fold nature of God (His “goodness,” “love,” & “faithfulness” [100:5]). These 3 qualities show God’s careful & personal care for His people & God’s mutual & reciprocal nature: God’s goodness shows His love; God’s love shows His faithfulness; God’s faithfulness shows His goodness. These 3 qualities will also remain to be true & unchanging (“his love endures forever” & “his faithfulness continues through all generations”). Let’s praise God with great gratitude!



The Time to REBUILD is NOW!

Ferdie Umali
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17 Sep-23 | The Time to REBUILD is NOW!
Bible Text: Haggai 1:1-11
Sermon Summary:
We have just concluded our study on 1 Peter and we welcome the start of the new series of messages based from the Book of Haggai with the theme, “Rebuilding Together in Broken Times.” Looking at what’s going on around the world with the natural calamities that have taken many lives and the “new normal” that we are living in after the covid pandemic, we are continually challenged and compelled to adjust to situations in order to survive and thrive. We have the tendency to be bogged down by seemingly important things but unknowingly neglect the things of God that give Him the deserved glory. 
Tomorrow, we will learn to make God’s work a priority and be a significant part in God’s mission to build His kingdom on earth and bless the nations.
II. COMMAND of the LORD: CONSIDER (vv.5-11)



Third Standard of Scriptures: Humility

P. Therren Shelton-Szmidt
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9 Sep-23 | Third Standard of Scriptures: Humility

1 Peter 5.5-11

1. Christians ought to be the humblest people on earth.
2. The Lord’s love and power should lead us to trust and go to him with all our cares and burdens.
3. Our adversary is a spirit, therefore we have need of spiritual armory and spiritual mindedness to resist him.
4. If it weren’t for the God of all grace that were on our side, now may Israel say, etc. (Ps.124).
5. Peter ends where we all shall, in doxology, to the Author and Finisher of our salvation.



Shepherding God’s People

Ferdie Umali
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3 Sep-23 | Shepherding God's People

Sermon Summary:
We are now on our last two messages in the sermon series, “Breaking Down Barriers Despite our Sufferings (Studies on 1 Peter).” My prayer is that all of you have completely read one of the shortest books of the entire Christian Bible and made some personal notes about it. The First Letter of the apostle Peter has only five chapters and tomorrow we will learn about the elders’ position and role in the congregations. We will mirror this as well with what GCF churches have traditionally adopted. We will also consider the godly response that God expects from His people so that church leaders will enjoy their services for the Master, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, and Chief Cornerstone. And finally, we will discuss on the reward that is waiting for those who are faithful.

A. The Elders’ ROLE & LIFE (1 Peter 5:1-3):

1. CONVERSION: A Vital Personal Experience with Christ (v.1) – SALVATION

a. “fellow elder” (v.1a)
b. “witness of Christ’s sufferings” (v.1b)
c. “partaker of the glory that will be revealed” (v.1c, NKJV)

2. CHARACTER: A Loving Concern for God’s Sheep (vv.2-3) – SANCTIFICATION

1. Not by compulsion, but willingly (v.2b)
2. Not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve (v.2c)
3. Not lording but being examples to the flock (v.3)

3. COMMITMENT: A Desire to Please Christ Alone (v.4) – SERVICE

B. The Congregation’s RESPONSE: Obedience and Submission (Hebrews 13:17; Titus 3:1)

C. The Lord’s REWARD to the Faithful: The Crown of Glory (1 Peter 5:4)



Harmony Essentials

Ferdie Umali
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20 Aug-23 | Harmony Essentials

Key Verse: 1 Peter 3:8

Bible Text: 1 Peter 3:8-12

Sermon Summary:

As children in the same spiritual (church) family we need to learn how to get along with others. Although we are uniquely created by God and different from each other, we have overwhelming points of unity to live in harmony. Through the apostle Peter’s letter, we have learned that we belong to the same family (1 Pet 1:3). We are like living stones in the same spiritual building (1 Pet 2:5a), priests in the same holy temple (1 Pet 2:5b), fellow citizens in the kingdom of heaven (1 Pet 2:10), and co-servants of the same God (1 Pet 2:16). Thus, we are exhorted to live as such. This Sunday, we are going to learn three essentials to achieve and maintain harmony in the church:

1. UNITY in faith and purpose:

“all of you be of one mind” (v.8a, NKJV) (cf. Ephesians 4:4-6; Matthew 28:18-20)

2. HUMILITY in the exercise of skills and spiritual talents:

“be humble” (v.8c) (cf. 1 Corinthians 12:20-25; Ephesians 4:11-13)

3. CONSISTENCY in our walk in Christ:

“love one another” (v.8b) “repay evil with blessing” (v.9b) (cf. 1 Peter 4:8; John 13:34-35)



Self-control & Service in Suffering

P. Nary Santos
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13 Aug-23 | Self-control & Service in Suffering

(1 Peter 4 :1-11)

Knowing our new identity in Christ (1:1–2:10), we can now think & live differently (2:11–3:22) in the midst of suffering. In our passage today, we will see how suffering leads us to a new way of thinking & living (4:1-6), & how we can develop internally & externally (4:7-11). According to 1 Peter 4:1–11, what does suffering do for us in light of our new identity in Christ?


Peter presents Christ’s own suffering (2:15; 3:17; 4:1, 19) as the basis for the believers to think & live differently. Just as Christ was determined to do God’s will & obey God, so the believers are to “arm themselves with the same attitude” (4:4b)—depicting the picture of a soldier putting on an armor (see Eph. 6:13)—of radical resolve to obey God & His will. This radical resolve of Christ’s followers is to be seen in their being done with sin (4:1b) & in their contrasting life before Christ & their present countercultural lifestyle (4:2-3; see Rom. 6:6-7), knowing that God will vindicate them later from an unbelieving world (4:5-6). Through God’s transforming work, we (like the audience of Peter) can face our suffering (like Christ did) & live differently (as Christ desires for us to do so).


Peter also presents the perspective on & practice of suffering in the context of the end of all things being near (4:7a). In light of the believers’ definitive break from the past & its old habits, we are to live differently in light of the future return of Christ. Thus, we are to be alert & be of sober mind (i.e., be self-controlled) to aid in our prayer life (4:7b), to be deep in loving others (4:8a), to offer hospitality without grumbling (4:9), & to speak & serve as God’s stewards (4:10-11). We are to speak the very words of God & to serve with God’s strength. The result of such stewardship & service in suffering is that “in all things, God may be praised through Christ” (4:11a) & that we in doxology give God glory & declare His power forever (4:11b). We are called to do the same.



Submission to the Shepherd of our Souls

Ferdie Umali
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6Aug-23 | Submission to the Shepherd of our Souls
Sermon Summary:
In the last couple of Sundays, we have heard the importance of submission to authorities as practically expressed in the society we live in. Today we will particularly be dealing with submission to Jesus Christ being the Saviour of our souls. Who is Jesus? What are the things that He did that established His authority? How are we going to respond?
1. Christ SUFFERED for us unselfishly (vv.21a,22)
a. He was sinless in His life : “He committed no sin” (v.22a).
b. He was sinless with His lips : “No deceit was found in his mouth” (v.22b).
2. Christ SET a good example for us to follow (vv.21b,23)
a. He was calm: “He did not retaliate” (v.23a).
b. He was compassionate: “He made no threats” (v.23b).
c. He was committed to God: “He entrusted himself to him who judges justly” (v.23c).
3. Christ SAVED us (vv.24-25)
a. Substitution: “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross (v.24a).
b. Sanctification: “by his wounds you have been healed” (v.24b).
c. Security: “you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls” (v.25).



Marriage Matters

P.Jonathan Bernardo
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30-July-23 | Marriage Matters
Sermon Summary:
In a world craving true love and lasting relationships, we delve into this part of Peter’s message to suffering and struggling followers of Christ in marriage relationships to uncover the profound impact of respectful love in marriages. We will explore how Godly submission and honor can ignite transformation, strengthen bonds, and reflect the love of Christ in our marriages. Discover the beauty of inner transformation, the power of sacrificial love, and the harmonious dance of mutual respect. Don’t miss this eye-opening journey towards building Godly marriages that shine as a beacon of hope and grace in a broken world.
1. The CONDUCT for wives: reverent submission (vv. 1-2)
2. The CALL for wives: rousing transformation (vv. 3-6)
3. The CAUSE of the husbands: respectful consideration (v. 7)



Superiority and Authorities

Therren Shelton-Szmidt
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23-July-23 | Superiority and Authorities
Sermon Summary:
1. All superiority and authorities are ordained of God, and ought to be obeyed from conscience toward God.
2. Is it lawful to ever disobey our superiors?
3. We may put to silence the railings of foolish men by living opposite lives of what they falsely accuse us of, as Paul did. 2 Cor. 6.3-10
4. What is true and false Christian freedom?
5. An early church creed that is ever relevant for how we should live amongst our neighbors, church and state.
6. How should we read scriptures on slavery?
7. Endure hardships by keeping God always in view.
8. The glory of suffering patiently, and the vindication that is to come for all of God’s saints.
9. This sermon (especially the beginning) is relevant for everyone, because of the times that we are hastily heading into. We will only be able to stand then if we prepare now.



Living Stones in God’s Spiritual House

Ferdie Umali
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16-July-23 | Living Stones in God’s Spiritual House
Sermon Summary:
Through our genuine faith in Jesus Christ, we have become God’s children prepared for imperishable inheritance (1Pet 1:3-5). As newborn babies we grow by the grace of God (1Pet 2:2-3) as we submit to the lordship of Christ in our lives. But who is Jesus that we can grow in and overcome by Him? What other benefits can we have as we are encouraged to be “holy priests?” What is the right response to God’s amazing grace? These are the questions that we hope to find answers in tomorrow’s message. So come and let’s worship at the “temple of God.”
1. REVELATION of God’s Grace – The Living Stone (vv.4,6,7,8a): JESUS, the Chosen & Precious Cornerstone
2. RECIPIENTS of God’s Grace – the (like) living stones (vv.5,9,10): Believers as Holy Priests
3. RESPONSES to God’s Grace (vv.4a,6,11-12): “Come to him” (v.4a) and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” (v.6) Live Christlike so God will be glorified (vv.11-12).



First Standard of Scriptures: Holiness

P.Narry Santos
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9-July-23 | First Standard of Scriptures: Holiness
Sermon Summary:
Today, we continue with the 3rd part of our new 12-part series on “Breaking down Barriers Despite our Sufferings” (Study Series on 1 Peter). Scriptures (1:23-25) instruct us to live holy lives (1:15) in the midst of our suffering. Last week, we looked at how Scriptures serves as the spiritual milk in our salvation (2:1-3). Later in our series, we will see that Scriptures exhort us to also live in harmony with others (3:8-22) & in humility with them (5:5-11). According to 1 Peter 1:13-25, how can we live a life of godliness?
I. HAVE HOPE & BE HOLY (1:13-21)
Scriptures admonishes us: (1) to have full hope (set with complete & unchangeable determination) by having our “minds that are alert” (prepared for action; tough-minded in thinking differently) & “fully sober” (self-controlled, free from mental or spiritual “drunkenness” or excesses) (1:13); & (2) to be holy “in all you do” (1:15a) as God’s children & in view of God’s holiness (1:15b), by “not conforming” to our evil desires before (1:14). The motivations to be holy are as follows: (1) our knowledge of God as our impartial Father (1:17); & (2) our knowledge of Jesus Christ & His costly sacrifice (1:18-21). So, in light of all these, let’s think & live differently than we used to do: in holiness with reverent fear (tender conscience; watchfulness against temptation; avoidance of what displeases God).
Scriptures admonish us to “love one another deeply, from the heart” (1:22b), on the basis of our having purified ourselves by obeying the truth so that we have sincere love for each other (1:22a). The word “deeply” means “at full stretch, all-out manner with intense strain” (cf. 4:8) or earnestly (cf. Ac. 12:5; Lk. 22:44). We are to love one another earnestly from the heart, with a changed heart that acts with pure motives & that seeks to give more to others than to receive for ourselves. Thus, our faith (1:5, 7, 9) & hope (1:3, 13) in God results in our loving God by loving others.



Spiritual Milk in our Salvation

Ferdie Umali
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2-July-23 | Spiritual Milk in our Salvation
Sermon Summary:
we will continue our series of messages taken on the 1st Letter of the Apostle Peter.
Chapter 1 summarizes our position in Christ that could yield a conduct that is attributed to Jesus Christ.
Because we are elected by God the Father and sanctified by the Holy Spirit, we can obey Christ (1:2). And as children of God and “strangers in the world” (1:1), we are given lasting inheritance kept in heaven for us (1:4).
Peter suggests ways to live for Jesus and to be strong in Him for we are partakers of divine blessings:
I. CONTROL Self to GUARD Life (v.1)
II. CRAVE Spiritual Milk to GROW UP (v.2)
III. CAPITALIZE on the GOODNESS of the Lord (v.3)



Strengthened, Shielded, Saved & Secure in Suffering

Therren S.
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25-Jun-23 | Strengthened, Shielded, Saved & Secure in Suffering
Sermon Summary:
1 Peter 1.1-12
1. Christians are strangers, wanderers, pilgrims in this world. Even as our father Abraham was (Heb.11.9-10).
2. V 2-5 shows the order salutis- order of salvation.
3. The whole Godhead saves the sinner: the Father elects, the Son accomplishes redemption, and the Spirit applies redemption to all the people of God.
4. Compare our heavenly inheritance to all this world can give. Now compare again at what costs worldly men will go for a little more worldly gain and should we hold anything back for a crown of life (1 Cor.9.24-7).
5. Perseverance of the Saints: Saints keep their faith in God because they are kept by the power of God
6. The early church greatly rejoiced with joy unspeakable and full of glory at the salvation that should be revealed to them in the last time, but what is it that brings us joy, peace, and security?
7. Faith is most precious for the glory it brings to God and the blessings He bestows upon it.
8. Faith doth perceive what senses cannot conceive.
9. The salvation of our souls is matter enough to provide patience in all afflictions, consolation in all losses, and endurance in all trials. Nothing less than our soul’s salvation is at stake.
10. The Gospel is still worthy of all praise and adoration. Indifference argues ignorance or infidelity. Seek and maintain a childlike faith and wonder at the greatness and glory that belongs to our peace. Amen



Give Thanks to the Lord

Narry Santos
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11-Jun-23 |Give Thanks to the Lord
Sermon Summary:
(P.Narry Santos; June 11, 2023)
(Psalm 107:1-9) Having concluded our series in John’s Gospel on Jesus as our Light and before we take on a new series in 1 Peter on breaking down barriers despite our sufferings, we will take a series break to talk about giving thanks today and about honouring fathers next Sunday.
Using Psa. 107:1-9 (which is a psalm of thanksgiving), what can we learn about giving thanks?
(107:1-5, 8-9) We’re called to be filled with gratitude (Psa. 107:1, 8, 15, 21, 31), despite our suffering
(107:4-5, 10, 12, 18, 27, 39)—especially when we are lost (as in a desert; vv. 4-5), guilty (as a prisoner; vv. 10-12), sick (as in a bed due to sin; vv. 17-18), or storm-tossed (as in a battered boat; vv. 23-27).
The reason to give thanks is because the Lord is good & His love endures forever (107:1, 8; see vv. 15, 21, 31, 43). Let’s choose to always give thanks to God!
(107:6-7) We’re called to cry out to the Lord in prayer, when we suffer—as shown by those who suffered (107:6a; 13a; 19a; 28a).
Then the Lord shows up: He delivers, rescues, or redeems them from their suffering (107:6b-7; 13b-14; 19b-20; 28b-30). God is able to reverse what seems impossible for humans (107: 4 & 7, 5 & 9; 10 & 14; 17-18 & 20; 25-27 & 29-30). Even in the course of nature (107:33-38) & in the conditions of humans (107:39-42), God does turn things around to make people wiser (to affirm the upright & to wake up the wicked) & consider His great love (107:43).
Let’s pray & be wiser!



Thanksgiving in Our Praise: Celebrating God’s Goodness & Greatness in 4 years

Ferdie Umali
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7-May-23 |Thanksgiving in Our Praise: Celebrating God’s Goodness & Greatness in 4 years
Sermon Summary:
Praise & thanksgiving are important parts of prayer. Through our praise we acknowledge who God is and trust Him to be true to His nature and promises. Through thanksgiving, we put our hope in Him and full trust in the expressions of His being. As we celebrate 4 years of blessings as a church, we reminisce God’s faithfulness to us in the past and are reassured of His presence, power, and provision as we serve Him and the community that we are uniquely connected. God is the source of everything we have and see around us and has to be glorified in all that we do as His children and as a church within His kingdom. Like King David who thanked God for His goodness and greatness, I personally thank God for answering our prayers as a congregation for at least four years. Today, I will be sharing with you how God has been faithful to us. And may this encourage us all to remain strong, steady, and ready to do His will until He takes us home.
KEY THOUGHT: In our praise, we express our deficiency without God until we become confident of our sufficiency in Him.



Preparing Well for God’s Plan

Therren S.
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23-Apr-23 |Preparing Well for God's Plan| Therren S.
Sermon Outline
(April 23, 2923; Therren Shelton-Szmidt)
1 Chronicles 28:9-21
Theme: Preparing Well for God’s Plan
10, 20
Once the Lord hath called thee unto any particular task, do it anon and with all thy might, and let not anything discourage thee from God’s service, with the promise that the Lord God, even my God will be with thee.
11-19, 21
When the Lord calls, He equips:
1. He never calls us to anything contrary to His word but always according to it
2. He never calls without equipping us with wisdom to know, strength to do, angels to assist, and providence to provide all according to His good pleasure.
David (like Moses with the tabernacle) was inspired by the Holy Ghost with what the Temple should look like and it was Solomon’s part to build it. So it was not ours to invent but to fulfill the commands and precepts handed down to us by the Prophets and Apostles to the building up of the church of God.
The Lord passes on His work from generation to generation, and all are called to some kingdom work if we be true citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven (there are no idle Christians: everyone has their own particular callings according to their gifts and desires).
Solomon had all Israel at his dispersal, and even Gentiles played a part in aiding him to build the Temple: so do we have all creation at our disposal and service to help us in the accomplishment of God’s will.
If the Lord be for us, who can be against us, if the Lord is with us, we shall prosper, but if the Lord forsake us what can we do? And if the Lord be angry, we and our excellency do fade away as the flowers of the field. Seek in all thy doing the presence and power of the Lord, for it was this, the hand of the Lord upon Daniel, Solomon and all of Israel, that prospered the work of their hand marvellously, and it’s only Him that can prosper our too.



Being Humbled by God’s Honour

P. Ferdie
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16-Apr-23 |Being Humbled by God's Honour|P. Ferdie

Message Title: Prayer of Praise to the Promise-Keeper (Ferdie Umali; April 16, 2023) (Enjoying God’s Promises: Part 2)

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 17:16-27 (NIV)

Sermon Summary:

After two Sundays of studying the passion of Jesus Christ when we celebrated the Lenten season, we are now going to resume our series on “What Real Success Means in God’s Sight: Study on David’s Life from Select Passages in 1 Chronicles.”

1 Chronicles 17 can be divided into two parts: (1) God’s Promise to David – presenting a REVELATION (vv.1-15); and (2) David’s Prayer to God – which is a godly RESPONSE (vv.16-27). David’s reaction to God’s promises exposes his beautiful inward character and full trust in God. David had a remarkable plan for God, i.e., to build His temple. But God had a better plan and the effect of it extends to all generations.

The Bible contains more than 7000 promises and many of these stems out from the covenant that God has made with David. Reflecting on the Davidic covenant, which is now a fulfilled promise, can cause us to thank and praise God even more. Tomorrow, we will study the magnitude of this covenant that can move us to praise like David praised.


1. EXPLAINED – What it meant to David (vv.7-8).

2. EXTENDED – How it affected Israel (vv.9-13).

3. EXPRESSED – What it means to us now (v.14).


1. PRESENT – David’s character of humility and submission (vv.16,18-20).

2. PAST – Israel’s redemption and protection (vv.21-22).

3. FUTURE – The world’s spiritual blessings in Jesus Christ, the Messiah (vv.17,23-27).



What’s Jesus’ Resurrection Means

P. Narry
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9-Apr-23 | What's Jesus' Resurrection Means|P. Narry



Triumphal Entry As Fulfillment

P. Roy Verzosa
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2-Apr-23 | Triumphal Entry As Fulfillment|P.Roy Verzosa



Special Message

Cid Latty
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Sunday Text

26-Mar-23 | Special Message | Ptr. Cid Latty



Enjoying God’s Promises

P. Ferdie
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Sunday Text

19-Mar-23 |Enjoying God’s Promises| P. Ferdie



Caring for People with Gods Presence

Ptr. Narry Santos
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12-Mar-23 | Caring for People with Gods Presence| Ptr. Narry Santos



Inquiring from the Lord Power

Ptr. Roy Verzosa
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05-Mar-23 | Inquiring from the Lord Power| Ptr. Roy Verzosa



Friends Imitate What Is Good

Ptr. Ferdie Umali
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26-Feb-23 | Friends Imitate What Is Good| Ptr. Ferdie Umali



Friends Avoid Being Selfish, Gossipy & Harsh

Bro. Therren S
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19-Feb-23 | Friends Avoid Being Selfish, Gossipy & Harsh| Bro. Therren



Friends Walk in the Truth

Ptr. Narry Santos
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12-Feb-23 | Friends Walk in the Truth| Ptr. Narry Santos



Friends: Experiencing Love that Breaks Down Barriers

Ptr. Ferdie Umali
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05-Feb-23 | Friends Are Faithful & Welcoming| Ptr. Ferdie Umali



Experiencing the God Who Makes Us

Ptr. Jon Bernardo
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29-Jan-23 | Psa. 18:25-29 Experiencing the God Who Makes Us| Ptr. Jon Bernardo



God’s Word Lights our Path

Therren S
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22-Jan-23 | Psa. 119:105-112 God's Word Lights our Path| Ptr. Jon Bernardo



In God’s Light We See Light

Ptr. Ferdie Umali
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15-Jan-23 | Psa. 36:5-9 God's Word Lights our Path| Ptr. Ferdie Umali



Burning Brighter in Christ, Breaking Down Barriers through Christ

Ptr. Narry Santos
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08-Jan-23 | Eph. 1:17-23, 2:13-18 Burning Brighter in Christ, Breaking Down Barriers through Christ | Ptr. Narry Santos



New Year Sermon

Ptr. Ferdie Umali
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08-Jan-23 | Eph. 1:17-23, 2:13-18 Burning Brighter in Christ, Breaking Down Barriers through Christ | Ptr. Narry Santos

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